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Light filtering control: 

Arma Shutters and the “German Technology Becker” sets the ideal amount of light you want coming into your home, this system is ideal for:

  • Night workers, who wish to rest and sleep in the day, because our Arma Shutters isolating noise and light.
  • Your baby that needs the calm environment to sleep.
  • Reduce the entry of light in sunny days and decrease damage to furniture,rugs, artworks and photographs tapestries that tend to deteriorate over time by sun’s rays. 
  • You want to feel like in a theater and enjoy your favorite movie with your family, because with the Arma Shutter control, you can be isolated from the light and noise.

Protection against Australian’s harsh Weather conditions:

Arma Shutters building with strong aluminum, injected with insulating polyurethane offer complete protection facing:

Hail storm and Strong Wind

  • Protection for glass and prevent breakage by Hail.
  •  Protection to  your family from possible injury in a storm.
  • Reduction of heat loss in winter by strong wind.
  • Provide a feeling of security for children afraid of storms and lightning.

High temperatures in summer

Arma Shutters maintain an up to 80% your house cooler in summer, and providing:

  •  Protection  the health of your children from high temperature
  •  Protection against ozone depletion and their strong ultraviolet rays and UV radiation
 residental-shutter.jpgFire protectionArma Shutter, produces a wide range of Shutters to protect your home or your business against damages that may occur with the bushfires. Our Roller Shutters have Australian standards “AS3959 Fire Shutters” offering you all the guarantees and security that you need. Reduction in energy consumptionThe Arma Shutter products are designed with insulation that make 80% cooler in summer and 70% reduction of heat loss in Winter, providing greater comfort and energy savings in your home:

  • Save on  heater or air conditioner costs.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Secures against break-ins

If you are home or away, your house and family are safe, with Arma Shutters and feel great sense of personal security in your home against intruders, because our “Arma shutters” are made high tensile aluminum outer skin.



  • Arma Shutters are conveniently operated from inside the home by manual or electrical. Remote controls are available
  • Arma Shutters do not take up extra space outside the house


  • fitted flush to the wall, Arma Shutters do not take up extra space outside the house
  • Attractive design and different colors are avalaible.

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